Danny Goldfield



From Goldfield’s many images, a single, rich, complex and beautiful portrait emerges. … A collection like no other.

LIFE Magazine

Cover Story

Goldfield was inspired and took action. He did whatever it took to create his vision. And the results are spectacular.

Chase Jarvis

Chief Executive Officer, CreativeLive

Book review: Decidedly poetic, like a number of the greatest photography books over time.

Deirdre Donohue

Stephanie Shuman Librarian, International Center of Photography

The children’s portraits are our dreams and the realization that among our world’s cultures they represent our collective hopes for a good life and a safe place to grow up.

Frances Levine

President, Missouri History Museum

Having never sent photos of my kids around by e-mail before, I found I simply couldn’t resist sending your photos. A friend wrote back, “Most of the time you look at pictures and just think, oh yeah, cute kid. But with these I feel like I know her a lot better now.” What higher praise?

Ariel K.


Danny Goldfield’s projects are subversive actions against social regressiveness by quietly focusing upon individuals, which short-circuits stereotypes.

Sean Mooney

Curator, The Menil Collection

From a partnership: He’s organized, creative, focused and a delight to work with on a day to day basis. I highly recommend partnering!

Louis Provenzano

President , Language Line Services

Living to see 100 years old is not for the faint of heart. Capturing the essence of what it’s like to be a member of the coveted centenarian club is even harder — unless you’re photographer Danny Goldfield.